General Restoration and Capital fund Campaign

The City Church dates back to the Middle Ages and is the oldest building in Wittenberg. The double towers are striking and make the church immediately recognizable. UNESCO inscribed the City Church as a World Heritage site in 1996. Luther preached here. Katharina and he were married here, and here they had their children baptized. Luther’s preaching church with its collection of Cranach works including the world famous Reformation Altar is an authentic showplace of the Reformation. The spirit of Martin Luther and of the Reformation is even to this day quite perceptible. That is why a comprehensive restoration of this special house of worship was necessary, so that future generations might visit and experience this historic site. Today just in time for the 2017 celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation the Mother Church of the Reformation shines forth on the Elbe River in the profile of Wittenberg.


The total cost for the general restoration of the City Church amounts to 7.8 million Euros or approximately 8.5 million dollars. The congregation must contribute 1.5 million Euros toward the total costs. Public funding makes up the greatest part of the expense. Our fund-raising campaign is reaching out to private donors in Germany and in all the world. Many promotional events, led by our honorary chairperson, television moderator and opera singer Gunther Emmerlich, have appealed to a wide public. He appears often as “Frederick the Wise,” frequently together with “Martin Luther.”

At the annual festival celebrating Luther’s wedding Mr. Emmerlich is literally worth his weight in money as he sits on one end of a scale while people put their money on the other end to watch him as he rises in the air. He has contributed to the fund-raising campaign by leading an auction and through benefit concerts and musical readings. We have not yet reached our goal. Your online contribution will help us close the gap!